The Higold Hardware Hexagon Super Factory was successfully flat-roof today, and another industrial landmark was born!


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The entire project of Higold Group's Hexagonal super factory

May 20, 2022, located in Shunde, Foshan, Guangdong Province in China,  the entire project covers an area of 180,000 square meters of Higold Group's hexagonal super factory, and the No. 1 factory is officially flat roofing!

higold factory

Shunde has always been well-known as the home hardware capital of China and the home appliance capital of China, and these two products are also the core business of HIGOLD.

Xie Shunhui, member of the Standing Committee of the Shunde District Committee and Secretary of the Political and Legal Committee, Ke Yuwei, the Deputy Mayor of Shunde District, Sun Chungang, Secretary of the Party Committee of Xingtan Town, and Hu Yongfeng, Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee and Mayor of Xingtan Town, attended the ceremony. The management, representatives of agents from all over the country, and a number of well-known media witnessed this historical moment together and jointly started the next stage of the new journey of Higold Group.

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higold hardware

The Higold Hexagon Building is located on Guanghua Avenue (Guanghua Deyan Industrial Zone) in Xingtan, Shunde. As the core start-up area of Area B of Shunde (Xingtan) New Materials and Smart Home Industrial Park, the project is an important part of the economic development of the entire Xingtan. Benchmark, a microcosm. The Higold Hexagonal Building has a total construction area of more than 180,000 square meters and a planned total investment of over 500 million yuan. It will become an Industry 4.0 automated manufacturing demonstration base for Higold smart home hardware and core components, as well as a world-leading super factory in terms of efficiency and scale in the industry. 

higold factory

Chinese traditional celebration for the flat roofing ceremony: lion dance

kitchen hardware top 1 in china

Alwin Ou, chairman of Higold Group, 

delivered a speech on the site of the flat roofing ceremony of 

Higold Hexagonal base No.1 plant building

HIGOLD Group Chairman Alwin Ou said, in the project construction process, the district and township government departments actively for the enterprise to solve problems, HIGOLD really feels the efficiency of the government's "speed and passion". Since its establishment in 2004, HIGOLD has gone through 18 years, from the beginning of only a dozen employees to now more than 2,000 employees, Higold was rent a factory of only 1,100 square meters to now having a Star Headquater and Hexagonal Super Factory,  two production bases, nearly 300,000 square meters of work plant. The future HIGOLD will build a third production base and is committed to building a leading global home Hardware aircraft carrier.

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Sun Chun Gang, The mayor of Xintan town,

delivered a speech on the site of the flat roofing ceremony 

of Higold Hexagonal base No.1 plant building

"Higold, as a native enterprise, is developing rapidly while receiving strong support from the town government. Higold hexagonal building super factory is the first project of the village of Xingtan to change the land to meet the increase of capital and production of local quality enterprises, and it is also an important milestone of industrial development of Xingtan." Said Sun Chun Gang, The mayor of Xintan town, "From the laying of the foundation stone in August last year to the flat roof of No.1 plant of Higold Hexagonal Building Super Factory today, it took only nine months, showing once again the speed of Shunde. "

Higold Group has grown from a small hardware processing factory to a benchmark in China's home hardware industry and has undergone several capital expansions, including its Star Headquater and Hexagonal Building, which Higold Group has chosen to locate in Xingtan, fully reflecting the local enterprise's confidence to future development.

higold factory

Ke Yuwei, Deputy Mayor of Shunde District

Delivered a speech on the site of the flat roofing ceremony 

of Higold Hexagonal base No.1 plant building

"The Higold Hexagon Building is one of the key projects in the overall reform of the Shunde village. The flat roof of the No. 1 Higold Hexagon Building means that Higold is moving towards a new milestone. Bring out the creativity and energy of Higo Group", said Ke Yuwei, deputy head of Shunde District, "Leading the continuous development of the entire industry through design culture, and continuously making the enterprise bigger and stronger through hard work in the market. In the future, the Shunde government will use more Good service and a better team to support the continuous development of the company, I wish the Higold Hexagon Building a smooth roof and work together for the high-quality development of Shunde."

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Higold: Stand up the backbone of Made in China

Manufacturing is the foundation of a country and the foundation of a strong country. The party committee and government have made it clear that they should focus on intelligent manufacturing, promote industrial-technological transformation, optimization, and upgrading, and promote the fundamental transformation of the manufacturing industry model and enterprise formThe flat-roofing of the Hexagon is an extremely important step in the development of Higold. Besides creating a high-quality factory building and a high-quality enterprise, but also injects new "stronger brains" into Higold, which will ignite a new engine for Higold's original design, technological innovation, and digital intelligence transformation, and create more high-quality products. products, laying the foundation for the layout of the world-renowned leading global home hardware aircraft carrier.

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Industry 4.0 Automated Manufacturing

On the road to high-quality development in Shunde Village, which dares to be the first, the Higold Hexagon Building production base will become an industrial 4.0 automation intelligent manufacturing demonstration base for smart home hardware and core components, leading the industry efficiency reform to a new level.

Higold Hexagon Building, as a super factory, we need to consider in addition to the function of the factory as a production, the design of the building will take into account the temperate climate conditions, optimize the use of environmental conditions, so that the building can increase the sun in winter. Radiation, reduce solar gain in summer, increase ventilation and natural lighting, minimize energy use, and care for our environment and the planet.

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After the completion of the Higold Hexagon Building, a large number of automatic conveyor lines will be used for connection, and a large number of arm-axis robots will be introduced in the application of the whole process. Behind the global coverage of automation equipment is the continuous and effective implementation of informatization applications in the entire production site. Through the MES system, WMS system, APS system, etc., the import and connection of the whole process from material entering the factory to finished product warehousing can be realized. and product quality will be comprehensively improved, while social benefit indicators will be optimized.

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A new business card for digital transformation

Seizing the opportunities of the times, shouldering the mission bravely, promoting development, and striving to be the benchmark, Higold actively responded to the call of the government and the times, took the initiative to respond, proposed "one enterprise, one system, one standard, and one platform" and issued a five-year plan for digital transformation, taking the lead in the industry to start manufacturing The comprehensive digital and intelligent upgrade of the system will be rated as a benchmark demonstration project of the Industrial Internet in Foshan in 2021, and the construction of the Hexagon Building and Super Factory will make Higold another success in building a high-resilience smart enterprise.

higold hardware

Since its establishment, Higold has adhered to the industrial line, insisted on independent research and development, and focused on independent production. It is the "Top 100 Enterprises" in the Foshan Manufacturing Industry and the "Invisible Champion" in the industry. It has won six German Red Dot Awards and six German iF Awards. Obtained more than 700 patents, and built a production base group with a total production area of over 340,000 square meters. 

Based in China, Higold has inherited thousands of years of Chinese culture and is willing to be the benchmark of Chinese high quality and creation of comfortable living for the people all over the world.

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