Diamond Series-Flat Wire

  • 101071-DIAMOND STYLE Flat Wire-SWING TRAYS 3.0

    101071-DIAMOND STYLE Flat Wire-SWING TRAYS 3.0

    Application: Kitchen blind corner
    Cabinet Size: 900mm for2layers
    Advantage: National invention patent structure
    Material: carbon steel
    Coating: Nano-spraying
    Item: 101071 (Left Open) 101072 (Right open)

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    101125-Show Hand Universal Corner Basket - Diamond Style

    101125-Show Hand Universal Corner Basket - Diamond Style

    ■ Size/Cabinet: 101125 800/900mm.
    ■ Function: Utilize corner space effectively with an interlock pantry design that allows all baskets to be pulled out from the cabinet, providing convenient storage. It can be installed universally in either the left or right corner.
    ■ Quality: The frame and accessories are made of high-grade steel with a 3-layer car painting surface. The basket features European environment-friendly trivalent chrome plating for durability. The key German-made motion bearing is precise and has passed the GS 50000 motion test. The big slide is also precisely made of high-quality steel.
    ■ Storage: Ideal for storing infrequently-used items such as small household appliances, plates, bowls, dried fruits, or spices.
    ■ Load weight: Maximum load: 20kg, with a recommended maximum of 5kg per basket.

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  • 101061/Peanut Corner Basket - Diamond Style

    101061/Peanut Corner Basket - Diamond Style

    ■ Size/CABINET:101061/101061-p 900mm.
    ■ Interlock bearing parts casted by aluminum for strong support. German TIF anti-slip mat rubber pad applied to basket base which is more durable with absolute Anti-slip and water-proof function.
    ■ European origin with flat iron circle leading luxury & elegance to the cabinet. Storage of infrequently-use items as small household appliances, plates & bowls, dried fruits or spices.

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  • 101125/Show Hand Universal Corner Basket - Diamond Style

    101125/Show Hand Universal Corner Basket - Diamond Style

    ■ Size/CABINET:101125 800/900mm、101125-p 800/900mm.
    ■ For installation with right- or left-opening doors, this Show Hand Universal Corner Basket lets you use virtually all the space usually wasted in cabinet corners. Sturdy yet quite elegant in operation, it uses a smooth articulating slide mechanism to allow easy access to two sets of baskets through a single door.
    ■ As you pull the cabinet door, the first set of baskets travels along with it, while drawing the concealed set of baskets into the space previously occupied by the first set, minimizing the need to crouch, twist and turn to reach stored items. A soft self-closing mechanism pulls the door closed in the last few inches of travel, preventing it from slamming shut.

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