high cabinet basket

  • 201101/ Soft Close Pull Out Tall Basket In Fashion Style

    This High cabinet basket perfectly integrates the functions with daily usability,creating a truly extraordinary work by mixing various contradictions:a powerful functional hardware which suitable for the kitchen to store a variety of items item numbers:201101 201102 201103 201104 201105 201106 The new tall unit-swivel pull out basket is unique in its German style generous modelling design,adhering to the classic style of HIGOLD.The aluminum frame basket enhances the overall strong sense of this tandem unit,make the overall kitchen cabinet basket stronger and avant-garde,and becoming a major highlight of the masses.

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  • 201121/Tall Pull out Basket - Diamond Style

    ■ Size/ CABINET: 300mm: 201121/201121-p 4-layer, 201122/201122-p 5-layer, 201123/201123-p 6-layer. 400mm: 201124/201124-p 4-layer, 201125/201125-p 5-layer, 201126/201126-p 6-layer. ■ Function: Use high and narrow space skillfully to realize high cabinet storage, which can store various packaged foods, storage boxes, etc. ■ Design: Smart use of high and narrow space, personalized opening design to improve space utilization; multi-level adjustment to meet the storage of items of different sizes; hidden hook design, beautiful and durable; imported damping slider, upper and lower slider design combined with soft close technology ensure the opening and closing move stable even the items it held are numerous and heavy ■ Quality: The frame and parts are made of high-quality steel, and the surface is treated with a three-layer car paint process. The surface of the basket adopts trivalent chromium plating in European environment-friendly standard to ensure durability. The product has passed the German safety GS50000 exercise test. ■ Storage: Recommended to store various packaged kitchen spices, food, storage boxes.,etc ■ Load Capacity: precise slider, maximum load is 70kg.

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