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    202251/Tandem Pantry Basket - Shearer Style

    ■ Size/ CABINET: 450mm: 202251 4-layer, 202252 5-layer, 202253 6-layer. 600mm: 202254 4-layer, 202255 5-layer, 202256 6-layer. ■ Function: Full display experience design, easy to take out the required items, can store all kinds of packaged food, storage boxes, etc. ■ Design: clever use of side door space for storage, reasonable collection of large and small baskets to improve space utilization; multi-level adjustment to meet the storage of items of different sizes; hidden hook design, beautiful and durable; imported damping slider, upper and lower rails design combined with soft close technology ensure the opening and closing move stable even the items it held are numerous and heavy. ■ Quality: The Shearer series adopts aviation-level space aluminum alloy, and the surface adopts superb fluorocarbon technology to ensure anti-corrosion, rust-proof, wear-resistant and scratch-resistant. The product has passed the German safety GS50000 exercise test. ■ Storage: Recommended to store various packaged kitchen spices, food, storage boxes.,etc. ■ Load Capacity: precise slider, maximum load is 70kgs.

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