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  • 205181/Space Swivel Pull-out - Shearer Style

    ■ Size/ CABINET: 500mm: 205181 4-layer, 205182 5-layer, 205183 6-layer. 600mm: 205184 4-layer, 205185 5-layer, 205186 6-layer. ■ Function: Full display experience design, easy to take out the required items, can store all kinds of packaged food, storage boxes, etc. ■ Design: Immersive opening experience, the required items are available when the door is opened; personalized adjustment meet the storage of items of different sizes; the tray loading capacity exceeds 15kgs, make high storage demand realizable; the door damping technology stable the entire opening and closing move so the items held will not drop down. ■ Quality: The Shearer series adopts aviation-level space aluminum alloy, and the surface adopts superb fluorocarbon technology to ensure anti-corrosion, rust-proof, wear-resistant and scratch-resistant. The product has passed the German safety GS50000 exercise test. ■ Storage: Recommended to store various packaged kitchen spices, food, storage boxes.,etc. ■ Capacity: precise slider, maximum load is 70kgs.

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  • 204022/ Big Trolley Monster For Food Storage In Fashion Style

    This High cabinet basket perfectly integrates the functions with daily usability,creating a truly extraordinary work by mixing various contradictions:a powerful functional hardware which suitable for the kitchen to store a variety of items item numbers:204017 204021 204022 The new tall unit-swivel pull out basket is unique in its German style generous modelling design,adhering to the classic style of HIGOLD. The different size baskets could store different kitchen accessories.

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  • 101125/Show Hand Universal Corner Basket - Diamond Style

    ■ Size/CABINET:101125 800/900mm、101125-p 800/900mm. ■ For installation with right- or left-opening doors, this Show Hand Universal Corner Basket lets you use virtually all the space usually wasted in cabinet corners. Sturdy yet quite elegant in operation, it uses a smooth articulating slide mechanism to allow easy access to two sets of baskets through a single door. ■ As you pull the cabinet door, the first set of baskets travels along with it, while drawing the concealed set of baskets into the space previously occupied by the first set, minimizing the need to crouch, twist and turn to reach stored items. A soft self-closing mechanism pulls the door closed in the last few inches of travel, preventing it from slamming shut.

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