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  • 306381-Aluminum Seasoning Pull Out Basket - SHEARER 6.0Mini

    ■ Made of durable space aluminum material with a stainless steel base, ensuring resistance to rust and high temperatures. ■ Equipped with undermount slides that have undergone over 50,000 cycle testing. The maximum loading capacity is up to 30 kgs. ■ Flexible accessories specifically designed for spoons, forks, chopsticks, dishes, bowls, pans, pots, and more can be easily adjusted or removed from the drawer pull-out basket. ■ Available in various sizes: 306381 300mm,306382 350mm,306383 400mm,306384 450mm

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  • 303575-Aluminum Magic Drawer - Shearer Style 4.0

    ■ Shearer 4.0 magic drawer, by optimizing the product material, structure,aesthetic design, etc., Will receive a space subdivision. adjustable,meet the demand of users receive a variety of kitchen utensils, clean the kitchen bring comfortable and relaxed. ■ Size/CABINET:303575 600mm、303574 700mm、303573 750mm、303572 800mm、303571 900mm

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  • 306271-Aluminum Seasoning Pull Out Basket - Shearer Style 4.0

    ■ This versatile seasoning basket is suitable for a range of kitchenware sizes: 300mm(306271), 350mm(306272), 400mm(306273), and 450mm(306274). It is the ideal solution for organizing various items in your kitchen, such as chopping boards, cookware, seasonings, cans, bottles, and more. ■ The seasoning basket features a bottom mounting structure, eliminating the need for storing left and right opening mechanisms simultaneously. ■ For added flexibility in projects or household use, the basket can be equipped with either non-soft-close ball bearing slides or undermount slides.

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  • 306291/Aluminum Seasoning Pull Out Basket - Shearer Style 3.0

    ■ Suitable for 300mm(306291),350mm(306292),400mm(306293),450mm(306294) , seasoning is the best option for all kinds of kitchenware including chopping borad, cookware ,seasoning , cans and bottles .,etc ■ The seasoning basket is with bottom mounting structure , no need to store left & right opening mechanism at the same time . ■ The basket can be equipped with non soft close ball bearing slide or undermount slides, more flexible for projects or household usage.

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