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  • 205181/Space Swivel Pull-out - Shearer Style

    ■ Size/ CABINET: 500mm: 205181 4-layer, 205182 5-layer, 205183 6-layer. 600mm: 205184 4-layer, 205185 5-layer, 205186 6-layer. ■ Function: Full display experience design, easy to take out the required items, can store all kinds of packaged food, storage boxes, etc. ■ Design: Immersive opening experience, the required items are available when the door is opened; personalized adjustment meet the storage of items of different sizes; the tray loading capacity exceeds 15kgs, make high storage demand realizable; the door damping technology stable the entire opening and closing move so the items held will not drop down. ■ Quality: The Shearer series adopts aviation-level space aluminum alloy, and the surface adopts superb fluorocarbon technology to ensure anti-corrosion, rust-proof, wear-resistant and scratch-resistant. The product has passed the German safety GS50000 exercise test. ■ Storage: Recommended to store various packaged kitchen spices, food, storage boxes.,etc. ■ Capacity: precise slider, maximum load is 70kgs.

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  • 303351/ Aluminum Pull Out Dish Drawer Basket - Shearer Style 2.0

    ■ Enduable aluminum material and stainless steel base , is the best sleek endurable companion of your kitchen cabinet. ■ Size/CABINET: 303355 600mm、303354 700mm、303353 750mm、303352 800mm、303351 900mm ■ The aluminum drawer basket is sleek and smooth , the best option for modular kitchen. ■ Undermount slides which guarantee over 50,000 cycle testing. Maximum loading capacity is up to 30 kgs. ■ Flexible accessories especially for spoon, fork , chopsticks , dishes ,bowls , pans , pots .,etc ,can be easily adjustabe or removed from the drawer pull out basket .

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  • 205105/ Space Swievel Pull-out With Glass Basket

    This High cabinet drawer basket perfectly integrates the functions with daily usability,creating a truly extraordinary work by mixing various contradictions:a powerful functional hardware which suitable for the kitchen storage. item numbers:205105 205106 205107 205115 205116 205117 The new tall unit-swivel pull out basket is unique in its German style design,adhering to the classic style of HIGOLD.The glass frame basket enhances the overall strong sense of this tandem unit,make the overall kitchen cabinet basket stronger and avant-garde,and becoming a major highlight of the masses.

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  • 303501/ S.S. Pull Out Basket - Diamond Style

    ■ High quality grade of 201 and 304 materials ensure the most endurable life span of the kitchen accessories . ■ Size/ CABINET: 303501 600mm、303502 700mm、303503 750mm、303504 800mm、303505 900mm ■ The special wire partitions make the entire storage more flexible and purposeful every item shall has its own place in the cabinet and keep the kitchen view neat and tidy .

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  • 306034/ S.S. Seasoning Pull Out Basket - Diamond Style

    ■ Cabinet fittings for 300,350,400,450 mm base cabinet , for purpose of multiple stuff . ■ Size/CABINET: 306034 300mm,306035 350mm,306043 400mm,306052 450mm ■ Endurable stainless steel grade for options . ■ The most common seasoning pull out basket option in China domestic market . ■ Production capacity is over 30,000 pcs per month , ensure the solid base of the supply chain . ■ Undermount sliders are equipped ,invisible view during operation .

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  • 306021/ Soft Close Seasoning Wire Basket - Fashion Style

    ■ Suitable for 300,350,400,450mm , the most common seasoning basket ever for the global kitchen storage accessories . ■ The most economical and practical accessories , especially for the asian . ■ Fashion style pull out basket is with the most capacity in factory , automatically made by standardized production line, ensure a capacity over 50,000 pcs per month and the shortest product lead time .

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  • 304098/ Narrow Basket - Fashion Style

    ■ Suitable for narrow basket,for cabinet size 150,200,250,300,350,400,450mm,narrow basket is the most convenient option for you kitchen especially for the seasonings , bottles , cans .,etc ■ Size/ CABINET: 304098 150mm,304099 200mm ■ The narrow basket is avaialbe in different materials also (Wire basket / wooden tray / Aluminum / S.S.) , providing a complete purpose of kitchen design . ■ The basket can be equipped with non soft close ball bearing slide or undermount slides , more flexible for projects or household usage.

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  • 303361/ Aluminum Pull Out Drawer Basket - Shearer Style 2.0

    ■ Enduable aluminum material , endurable for different purpose and usage in your kitchen and furniture . ■ Size/CABINET: 303365 600mm、303364 700mm、303363 750mm、303362 800mm、303361 900mm ■ With addtional cookware container ,easy for storage and cleaning for different kitchen item , be free for storaging different kinds of cookware , spoons , forks .,etc ■ Undermount slides which guarantee over 50,000 cycle testing ,maximum loading capacity is up to 30kgs. ■ Quick and easy installation , package includes the installation template , easy to read and understand , carpenter is not necessary any more .

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  • 306231/ Aluminum Seasoning Pull Out Basket - Shearer Style-2.0

    ■ Suitable for 300,350,400,450mm , seasoning is the best option for all kinds of kitchenware including chopping borad, cookware ,seasoning , cans and bottles .,etc ■ Size/CABINET: 306231 300mm、306232 350mm、306233 400mm、306234 450mm ■ The seasoning basket is with bottom mounting structure , no need to store left & right opening mechanism at the same time . ■ The basket can be equipped with non soft close ball bearing slide or undermount slides, more flexible for projects or household usage.

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