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    401281/Nebula lifter

    ■ Size/CABINET:401281 600mm,401282 700mm,401283 800mm, 401284 900mm ■ Using space aluminum alloy. Used in aerospace ■ T-shaped handle/ Designed for science exertion ■ 275MM large capacity and 15KG large loading capacity ■ Three-level assist to adjust/ Easy to push and pull

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  • 401221/Pull Down Elevator Dish Basket - Shearer Style

    ■ Size/CABINET:401221 600mm、401222 700mm、401223 800mm、401224 900mm. ■ Higold Lift Basket allows free lift and the use of cabinet space becomes accessible. ■ Higold lift basket is user-friendly that the pulling and resilience force can be adjusted according to the weight of storage. ■ The quick snap structure of lift up system has height adjustment feature that allows easier installation. ■ The pull down basket is mainly made of aluminium that customer don't have to worry about the rust risk even under strict environment. ■ The loading capacity of lift basket can be 18kgs.

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  • 401017/Pull Down Elevator Dish Basket- Diamond Style

    ■ Size/ CABINET: 401017/401017-p 800mm、401018/401018-p 900mm. ■ Higold lift basket allows the use of cabinet space accessible with a user-friendly design. The palm-shaped handle gives you a comfortable feeling and the quick snap structure has height adjustment feature that allows easier installation. ■ Higold lift basket is made of high quality steel, three surface coating process to the basket body that ensures durable use. The damping pressure lever can pass Germany GS30000 under normal conditions.

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