mul-purpose pull out basket

  • 303755- Mul-purpose Pull Out Basket - SHEARER 6.0mini

    ■The layout is newly upgraded, the overall volume is increased by 38%, and there is storage space for long fish dishes, large soup bowls, and small sauce dishes. ■ DIY partitions make it easier to pick up and place tableware and reduce space waste ■ Upgraded ABS accessories, both functional and aesthetic ■ Inductive water tray, centralized water storage, hygienic and moisture-proof ■Compatible with the following cabinets: 303755S-600mm, 303754S-700mm, 303753S-800mm, 303752S-800mm, 303751S-900mm.

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  • 303605S- Round Wire Mul-purpose Pull Out Basket - PLATINUM 2.0

    ■ Enhanced design increases overall capacity by approximately 40%, providing ample space to accommodate the tableware needs of a large family. ■ Allows for both vertical and horizontal storage, offering flexibility in placement. ■ Features a convenient dish rack handle design for easy cleaning and storage. ■ The space is divided into three grids, allowing for clear item classification. ■ Compatible with the following cabinets: 303605S-600mm, 303601S-700mm, 303606S-800mm, 303602S-800mm, 303603S-900mm.

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  • 303401S- Round Wire Mul-purpose Pull Out Basket - MARTIN 2.0

    ■ Upgraded Layout, overall capacity increased by approximately 40%, Easily accommodates the tableware needed for a large family ■ Suitable for both vertical and horizontal storage, no restrictions on placement ■ Added dish rack handle design,Cleaning and storage are flexible ■ The space is subdivided into three grids, clear Item classification ■ Suitable cabinets: 303401S-600mm,303402S-700mm,303403S-800mm,303404S-800mm,303404S-900mm,

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  • 303795- S.S.201 Mul-purpose Pull Out Basket - GHIDORAH SERIES

    ■ Select 201 stainless steel to easily adapt to humid environments; strong and corrosion-resistant nature makes it durable in kitchens surrounded by water, gasoline and smoke. ■Cushioning and silent damping guide rails,open and close gently, placing dishes securely and not easily knocked. ■Double-layered five-zone layout to store all tableware and kitchen utensils. Flexible division of intervals, Organized and tidy storage ■Draw-in-draw design doubles storage space ■ ■ Size: 303795 600mm、303794 700mm、303793 750mm、303792 800mm、303791 900mm

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